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About us

Alex Aßmann, Jg. 1977, Dr. phil.

An educational scientist, Alex Aßmann has worked in a variety of scientific projects over the years, including, e.g., a demographically and biographically oriented long-term district study. He also worked as a social worker before getting his PhD in Frankfurt and moving on to working full-time as a lecturer at the universities of Mainz and Heidelberg. He has recently subbed for an educational sciences professorship centered on occupation and professionalization research at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen. After numerous publications in the field of education and socialization theory he discovered his passion for the genre of biography during his work on the biography of renowned educational scientist and intellectual Klaus Mollenhauer (1928-1998) – a work which ultimately determined his career choice. Aßmann currently works at the University of Göttingen, where he also habilitated in 2015, and continues to write biographies. With Memoire Projects he is an associate partner as well as the editor-in-chief.

Mathias Freymuth, Jg. 1985, M.A.

Moving further and further south, the East Westphalian native studied sociology and philosophy in the cities of Bielefeld, Cologne and Heidelberg where, eventually, he graduated and received his master’s degree – but where he never lived. This latter bit of information just might be quite important to our story, for we could have otherwise missed the opportunity of making the acquaintance of the sociologist whose main academic interests include the mediation of micro-/macro-sociological concepts as well as media theory. His skill in translating lifeworld theory questions into “catchy heuristics” is invaluable to our project. His interest in biography isn’t solely rooted in his academic specialty, however, but rather remains to him an exciting open question. Freymuth currently works at the Ethnographical Museum of the von Portheim-Foundation (vPST) in Heidelberg. With Memoire Projects he is an associate partner and editor.

Hannes Herold, Jg. 1978, M.A.

Based in Berlin, the publisher and media designer is associated with Memoire Projects as a free contributor. Herold was trained as a media designer in Stuttgart before taking up his studies in philosophy at the HfG Karlsruhe and the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, majoring in media theory, art sciences and graphic design. As a publisher, he has worked on several projects in the field of archiving, audio storage and text editing in addition to freelancing as a web developer. He regularly provides Memoire Projects with conceptual and executive expertise.

Florian Renschke, Jg. 1977, Dipl.-Designer

Likewise a free contributor, who has made Mannheim is home of choice, the Darmstadt graduate and Odenwald native is responsible for creating our corporate design. A partner with Drei meiner Kollegen, a graphic design agency, he is an experienced professional in the field of project development and realization. With Memoire Projects he is the lead designer.