Memoire Projects

The biographical knowledge of our time

Biographies are more than „just“ people’s life stories. They are at the same time histories of the epochs, the cultural influences and the particular conditions under which human beings live out their lives. Our enterprise – Memoire Projects gGmbH – is dedicated to archiving and documenting the biographical knowledge of our time.

For this purpose, we will conduct and record biographical interviews in order to capture in conversations the historical dimension of personal memories. Our film interviews will be edited, historically contextualized and published online.

Our first projects will focus on aspects of democratic culture and awareness in Germany after 1945. Pursuing the thread of collective memory through multiple generations we would like to retell the history of democratic innovations and crises alike.

2 JUNE 1967

Recollections of a Biographical Cesura

1968 in Mannheim

Visiting a Year


Digital Archive of Living Memory